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About Us


About the NADC

The National Association of Diverse Consultants (NADC) is an organization dedicated to providing services that bring forth the cultural competency necessary in today's rapidly growing and increasingly diverse society. NADC is the largest association of diverse political and public affairs professionals. The group consists of political consultants, pollsters, lobbyists, and consultants and vendors for media, digital, mail, and phones. In 2018, one year after our inception, we have grown to include over 60 firms from across the nation.

Our Mission

The NADC is committed to ensuring clients have an equal opportunity to be successful in their campaigns. Our mission is to bring a level of cultural competency and intelligence that is not matched with our competitors. In an increasingly diverse United States, the importance of cultural competency cannot be understated. We recognize that traditional political consultants who are engrained in the ways they have been consulting for years are not matching the speed with which our society is changing.


We work to help the industry be flexible and adaptable to the changing times, and bring forth a specific knowledge and expertise to the table when working with our clients. With our wide variety of diverse consultants, we share the skills and resources necessary to deliver on high quality projects from innovative perspectives.  



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